I want to tell you a story, that may perhaps help improve your coding in the future. Before I fully changed my music career to being a software developer, in the in between time, I was an audio engineer who did a lot of corporate A/V gigs in the washington…

Welcome to Plasma Drops!

There is a bunch of information about plasma drops available to the public right now, this is a list of things that will be useful:

The site is running on my Dev server right now:

There are two videos to watch; The first, is a presentation which explains the purpose of the platform:

The second link is a walk-through of the website:

There is a Medium article with more detailed information about using the platform:

There is a Tech Support Group on Telegram:

It’s been an interesting week that’s for sure. Lets look, in the previous forecast, three paths were projected:

Up, Down and Over.

The notes were as such: If Up, up fast! then Down. If Down, Down all the way, If Over, slow growth. This is the mantra of all forecasting…


Really Hot Peppers, Photography, Cryptocurrency, BKK, Ex Pats, Enthusiasts welcome. Author of Thai Language learning apps for iOS

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